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Mystery Bag

Emma + James

Mystery Bag

Are you interested in a Men's or Women's mystery box?!
What size top do you typically wear?
What size bottoms do you typically wear?
What shoe size do you typically wear?
Do you have a preference of metal?
Do you want it to be a complete surprise?! If not, just give me a heads up of what you would like to see or what you would like me to avoid putting in your mystery box. Example: "I don't like rompers". Have fun!!

Regular price $50 Unit price  per 

What’s more fun than a MYSTERY?? Let me pick out your outfit, it’s what I love to do!! This is a great way for you to branch out of your comfort zone and try something that you may not have tried in the past!

Fill out the questions provided and leave a little note about what you may or may not want to see in your bag (can not be a specific item, that ruins the surprise!).

Example: I would really like it if you avoided bottoms OR I have been looking for a romper that would fit a long torso. You can also describe your body type!

Whatever you would like to help me give you the BEST bag possible :)

The amount spent on the Mystery Bag, will determine which/how much products you will receive!

**All bags will be shipped/local delivered a week after purchase! I want to take my time curating the perfect bag for you**