Anna Blog Takeover: How To Make It Edgy

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How To: Make It Edgy
Wooah! This blog has been taken over by our Brand Manager, Anna, so buckle up and get ready to see how I styled some of my favorite pieces from E+J that can be worn with other fave styles from my guilty pleasure stores.
First thing you have to know about me, I am a Gemini. My main Gemini quality is that I have multiple personalities when it comes to my personal style. One day I am preppier than every Ivy League college girl and the next day I'm head-to-toe in pleather with a look inspired by every 80s head-banging photo of my mom. So with this bit of information, here are three vibes that will inspire you edge up every look you put together.
Preppy Edgy with Loafers + Gold Jewelry
I call this girl Gaudy-Preppy and it has everything to do with the statement headband, the gold accents, and layered sweater-over-dress styling. Oh, and the very full and messy but pretty ponytail. I love the addition of the Equestrian belt to give it that clean touch while mixing it with velvet and a chunky loafer to make people stare at your outfit a little longer in a where-did-she-get-that-she's-so-cool way. 
Leather Pants and Collared Shirt with Sherpa
I want to be this girl every day but then people would think I don't own any other clothes (or a washing machine). I love the relaxed style of the collared sweater with the contrast of the leather ankle length jeans. Any time I can create a style or vibe contrast with my outfits, I do it with GUSTO. The cat-eye sunglasses and the gold chain add a feminine touch to balance out this very leather-obsessed outfit while the square toe ankle boot forces each step you take a power-strut down the sidewalk. This hairstyle is my go-to when I want to look chic and cool like a Kardashian while also utilizing my greasy hair days and not letting those days go to waste. Use a little pomade or hair clay to keep any flyaways down and keep your middle part looking snatched. 
Plaid Dress with Graphic Tee + Uggs and Gold Rings
This has to be one of my favorite styles because it combines a cutesy style dress with a perfectly tattered band tee and the unexpected touch of casual cozy ultra mini uggs. Most people look at this dress and think "I can only wear this one way and only in the fall." I say... layer. her. up. 
I am an advocate for tying any and every t-shirt I wear in a knot to create a cropped and waist-accentuating style. With a babydoll dress like this one, it's a no brainer to add a fun tee over top and some fun gold jewelry. The 90s hot mom hair clip trend isn't going anywhere so throw in a clip for a clean half up-half down look. *Chef's kiss*

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