A Bold Approach to Modest Fashion

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A Bold Approach To Modest Fashion


I have loved fashion for as long as I can remember. The word "fashion" immediately takes your mind to Vogue or the runway. The product found on those platforms are absolutely genius and a work of art, however, not typically worn day to day. 
My head turns when I see a simple look. I am envious when I see a woman on the street pulling off denim, a white tee, simple gold necklace and some flats. It's put together and looks effortless. Yes, it may sound boring but with a great statement piece, you can elevate the simple basics in your closet! How about we use our neon orange blazer as an example?!


A White Tee + Denim Look


Back to our white tee + denim look. You want to keep your outfit under the blazer as simple as possible. Pair with white sneaker and a simple delicate gold necklace so it looks effortless. Pick a pair of denim that has simple rips, that you can give a slight cuff on the bottom. Pop that blazer on top and you have a totally fun and effortless look!


Hooded Set Cozy Vibe


Sets are EVERYTHING right now. Grab your most basic set, preferably with a hoody...we love a hoody + blazer moment. Keep your footwear simple again, we don't want to attract our eyes to anything but our blazer!


Feelin' Girly


Majority of us own some sort of floral dress. Super cute worn alone or with a denim jacket but if you want to be bold....a bright neon blazer is the way to go!

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