Dresses For Every Occasion

Posted by Lisa Dietz on

Dresses For Every Occasion
Wander But Make It Pretty
The Romantic Floral Dress is the perfect opportunity to add something edgy to something delicate. Style with a chunky boot and a leather jacket to give it a whole new look.
Layering At It's Finest
The Wild Dress and The Perfect Sweater are... "wildly perfect" for each other. The monochromatic trend isn't going anywhere. This look brings you comfy, pretty, and something dynamic that everyone at the Christmas party will be obsessing over.
When In Doubt, Put A Belt With It
Pairing the Cassie Sweater Dress + the Kimmi Dress creates a multi-faceted look. There's a layer of a turtleneck with a collar, a combination of different textures, and a belt to create shape and versatility. Pair with a pair of Uggs to give it that ultimate effortless vibe.

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