Tips: Cleaning Out Your Closet

 Before and after closet cleanout

Quarterly closet clean outs are my thing as you guys know. I live for the purge and starting fresh! My clothing is typically barely worn so sending it off to someone else that is going to love that piece as much as I did, really makes my day.

Lots of you have asked...which pieces?! How do you know it's time to donate something or sell it? Which pieces should I physically throw in the garbage?? I typically don't do much throwing out but when I do, it is an item that has been worn way too much and I would be embarrassed to offer it to someone else.

As far as donating or is my criteria:

1. When is the last time I have worn this piece?

If I haven't worn the item for 2 months or longer, it probably should not exist in my closet. Why 2 months? That's not a long time. I own a clothing store, and if you have a clothing obsession (just like I do), there is definitely no need for an item to just sit around your closet if it can be loved and worn by someone else.

2. Has your taste changed?

Trends change all the time. Sometimes I love mock neck sweaters, sometimes I like my neck to breathe. Once I have decided I like my neck to breathe, it's time to let those mock necks go. Will I like them again next season? Maybe. I am just not going to wait to find out. A person in need, may be desperate for any sweater at that point in their life so why hold onto it!

3. Is your closet too full? 

This is pretty self room for it, it must go!

4. Giving back 

This is definitely a number one for me! Usually cleaning out my closet ends in the fact that others will need or enjoy the item more than I have lately. It genuinely brightens my day knowing that someone else will be wearing something I haven't used in a while. I hate waste and keeping perfectly good, unworn clothing (and accessories) in your closet is just wasteful. Share the wealth!

Tips: Organization

Ok, now you are all cleaned out...the next part of cleaning out is ORGANIZING. I think I lied, yes I love giving back, but oh my gosh....I LOVE an organized closet. My busy schedule lately has left me lacking in this, so I brought in a professional.
The Curated Home will come organize any aspect of your home. I was lucky enough to get her to share some organization tips:


Hanging denim

1. Hang your denim (secret tip: baby hangers work great so they don't slip). 


2. Organize by style of item (example: tanks, short sleeve, long sleeve, etc), then put in color order.


3. Keep seasonal items in storage or up high, so everything you need for the current season is accessible.

 Before and after sweater organization

4. Fold your sweaters to avoid hangers ruining them. This also saves a lot of hanging space because of bulk.

 Before and after drawer organization

5. File fold your t-shirts so you are able to see your entire collection.

 Before and after shoe organization

6. Don't necessarily focus on how it looks but make sure you choose a system that you can maintain.


A more in depth guide is available to purchase on her website (for only $25!!) to help walk you through organization.
Check out her instagram for inspiration: @_thecuratedhome

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