Behind the Scenes: The Ladies of E+J

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Behind the Scenes, The Ladies of E+J


In honor of International Women's Day, I wanted to focus on the real talent behind Emma + James. I'm pretty business savvy + I know how to throw together an outfit but I couldn't do it without my team of ladies. The past year has been crazy! It's pushed me VERY out of my comfort zone to explore + execute things that I am just not an expert in. I have always believed, when you can't do something need to let go and let the right person do it.



You all know her, you all love her....Anna! Anna has been with me around 2 years and has been a huge asset to my company. You know her as the face of the store + behind the scenes for instagram pics + website photos. Her energy and her drive is a huge part of what keeps me motivated. She has very large goals and sees the big picture. Her passion for the company is unreal. She is starting her new role as my Brand Manager + it could not be a more perfect fit for her. She will handle all the visual aspects of the company, from the store to the website to social media. You may be chatting with me personally on instagram but everything you see visually are Anna's talents. I couldn't grow this company without her.



Jessy is my hidden gem. She doesn't make it on the story very often + is only present in the store when needed but that's because she does the hardest job of all in my opinion, the backend of...well...everything. Jessy is my Operations + Marketing Manager. She is the one to enter product, manage the website, publish emails, my blog + push me completely out of my comfort zone when it comes to brand marketing and advertising. The list is literally endless. She analyzes all the numbers to make sure you guys (and myself) get everything you want and more! I will never forget her interview for the position. It impressed me so much when she asked me the question "Where do you want to see Emma + James go?". She is the one helping me get there!



The newest full time member of the team...Colleen!!! You guys know her as a beautiful model on my website. Her contagious positive personality and sense of style is what landed her the position as my new full time sales associate. Her passion for Emma + James is unbelievable. I can't wait for you guys to get to know her as well as we do! You will fall in love. Welcome to the team Colleen!

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